Shooby Shooby Do Yah 3Boxes Shake Ya Boogie The Orchestra of Cars Bubbles The Night Express Experyment 2005

Shake Ya Boogie movie clip originated from the idea of tribute to a 1930s-style Max Fleischer cartoon. Considering very well recognized characters: Betty Boop, Bimbo, Popeye as inspiration it became obvious that mixing the old style with modern animation could produce interesting results causing two distinct epochs to meet in one experience. The very clip contains audio track by nu-jazz musician Mocean Worker and is a compilation of scenes from everyday music factory's life featuring the artist as a coordinator playing very important role at Mowo! Inc.

Behind the scenes

The animation involves hand-drawn animation along with 3D footage. In most cases 3D animation fit the mechanical and rhythmic parts perfectly while hand-drawn animation appeared especially appealing for characters performing in the clip. In order to achieve the old look, all of the scenes went through heavy post-production stage which also included layering the input material coming from different applications.

The 3D realization part consisted of many procedural deformers animated in time such as Bend, Stretch, Lattice applied to different parts of the geometry. It was especially important to make the mechanical parts of the factory alive to give an impression of unified spirit behind the illustrated phenomena.

The cel animation was derived upon earlier experiences in this area and was produced with digital tools allowing for ease of work and control inside the software.